We are proud of the positive climate impact which our projects have on local air quality, and the resulting health implications for those communities. By facilitating the reduction of road transport emissions, we are contributing to decreasing levels of pollutants entering the air. But, what about the high-risk levels of harmful pollutants which are already circulating?

In environmental sciences it is globally understood that the best system for cleaning the already toxic air, is provided by trees. That’s why we are delighted to announce that we are partnering with Trees for Cities – to double up our efforts in removing carbon from the environment.

Trees for Cities (TfC) is an independent charity, working in the UK and internationally. Through their social and environmental work, TfC are creating healthier and greener urban environments, with practical and educational projects. Their work specifically focuses on the involvement of local people, and those more disadvantaged and disconnected from their local environment.

The many benefits of trees

Planting trees in urban environments has a wealth of benefits: acting as sponges for carbon absorption, barriers against noise pollution, providing homes for biodiverse ecosystems. And, on a human level – trees and green spaces provide essential benefits for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, whilst offering more creative learning and educational environments. TfC has a fantastic blog post about the importance of urban parks and green spaces.

So how will Electric Blue be contributing to greener urban spaces?

Until now, our electric vehicle chargers, powered by 100% renewable energy, have prevented CO2 emissions from entering the air. With this partnership, for every tonne of CO2 emissions saved, we will be planting two trees with TfC, to support the efforts of cleaning and improving our air quality.

To kick off the partnership, Electric Blue has made an initial donation to plant 155 trees, for the 78 tonnes of CO2 saved during 2019. The partnership includes tree planting, along with first year maintenance, and community engagement, ensuring the trees we plant are part of a flourishing sustainable project.

The Woodland Trust calculates that 400+ tonnes of carbon can be sequestered by one hectare of young woodland. And this carbon sequestration continues in old-growth forests, which is why protecting the trees we already have, alongside planting new ones, are of great importance for the health of our planet, and our communities.

For more information about trees as carbon sinks and the other benefits they afford us, scroll down to our May edition of Green Business.

Date: 20/07/2020