Having already installed a network of on-street chargers and taxi rapid charging units in Oxford, EB Charging are now working with Oxford City Council (OCC) and Oxford United Football Club (OUFC) to develop an exciting fast charging partnership.The partnership will aim to facilitate charging for OUFC players, staff members and visitors to the training ground, but is also designed to engage local fleets. EB will install 7kW Alfen Eve Double charge points at the training ground, available for all users on site between the morning and afternoon. The scheme then aims to take advantage of the business park opposite OUFC’s training ground, with charging points available overnight for any fleet vehicles, which will then be able to go about their daily business the following morning having fully charged their EVs.EB Charging sees this scheme as having multiple benefits for EV owners, fleet drivers and the wider Oxford community, with the most important of these being the consolidation of a multiple use charging infrastructure within Oxford.

We want to ensure that charge point coverage across Oxford accommodates a variety of needs and users in line with OCC’s strategic aims, and that there is sufficient provision to accommodate the expected increase in EV uptake within the city.The scheme will also ensure that businesses within the local area looking to electrify their fleets are supported, as well as those commuting to OUFC’s training ground. This tri-party agreement will further bolster the delivery of OCC’s clean air goals, and see the ‘business case’ for electrification across the city supported.EB will engage with the DNO during the project to ensure that there is sufficient power for future expandability, with future-proof passive electrical cables installed in anticipation of further EV uptake.

Date: 21/05/2021