Electrify Cambridge is a new, exciting campaign aimed at improving the quality of air in our communities, whilst demonstrating the many benefits of electric vehicles (EVs).

We are working with key partners on this initiative and we are inviting all local businesses and organisations to join us! Together, we can electrify Cambridge taxis.

Raising awareness across the business and residential communities, Electrify brings EVs to your doorstep. Since June 2018, Electric Blue chargers have already provided a total energy sufficient to power some 89,205 emission-free miles. With the Cambridge charger network in place, and expanding, it’s now even easier to track down your environmentally-friendly option.

By converting to EVs, we will dramatically reduce the damage caused by harmful emissions from vehicles. Current petrol and diesel vehicles produce pollutants which negatively impact both the environment, and our health. We are raising awareness with an EV solution, and by working together, we can improve air quality – benefiting communities today, and in the future. In fact, since June 2018, we have seen 20 taxi drivers convert to electric taxis. This means greater options for local customers, and more environmentally-friendly journeys.

It couldn’t be easier, here is how you can support Electrify Cambridge for free:

Pledge your commitment and send your company logo to

For more information on Electrify and to see how other organisations are working with us on the campaign, visit

For further information please contact:


Damien McGlue


Project Manager Herts 2025 & Electrify Campaign


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Date: 18/04/2019