How we are joining the local action in Hertfordshire

On Sunday 19th May we were in St Albans, participating in the SustFest Market takeover! Local businesses and organisations took over the regular Sunday market in St Albans high street, showing residents how they can reduce their carbon footprint, and live more sustainably.

Dynamo taxi at EB stand SustFest19

The market takeover was a fantastic showcase for participating exhibitors to demonstrate to the wider community how and where they can make sustainable choices part of their everyday life. From home energy and food choices; to shopping practices and personal transport, the SustFest had it covered! SustFest events took place from May 11th until June 1st, and we’re looking forward to the conversation continuing further into the future.

We had a fantastic day, chatting to local people about how we are helping to make their environment cleaner, and future friendly. “How?” I hear you cry! Well, Electric Blue has been active in St Albans since 2015. After strong interest in electric vehicles (EVs) as taxis, we installed the first charger into Adelaide Street car park. Read the full story here.

adelaide street st albans charger

Since then, this one charger has powered 23,552 emission-free miles, saving just under 6 tonnes of carbon from the busy urban centre of St Albans.

Venturing further out into Hertfordshire, we worked with Hertfordshire Independent Living Service (HILS), a charitable social enterprise delivering a ‘meals on wheels’ service. We are delighted that HILS incorporated EVs into their London-based fleet in the beginning of 2018. Following a successful year of trialling these vehicles in London, and proving their feasibility for organisational purposes, HILS are now looking to transition to EVs within their Hertfordshire fleet too. Winner!

This adoption of EVs, by both commercial and personal drivers alike, proves they can be a practical and beneficial option. We know sustainable transport is a crucial factor in driving down harmful levels of emissions, and are thrilled to be supported by like-minded businesses, who are exploring lesser-impactful practices by incorporating them into their working operations.

Our next goal for St Albans and Hertfordshire is for them to follow in the footsteps of other urban changemakers. Cambridge, Oxford and Newcastle are making the move away from high-emission taxis, and encouraging their replacement with far more friendly (to you and the environment!), lower, and ultimately zero-emission, options. Later this year we will be sharing the details of an exciting new project as we journey to 2025, working alongside a number of partners. By increasing the uptake of EVs in the taxi population, we aim to make a meaningful contribution to the air quality in Hertfordshire’s urban centres.

Our partnerships with local authorities help to make these changes accessible to their communities. After all, our end user is you: the EV driver, the local resident who breathes the air in your town. And we want that air to be as clean as possible. By attending such community events as the St Albans SustFest, we get to share our passion directly with you, and demonstrate the benefits that EVs bring into your world.

Date: 16/05/2019