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EB Charge Points

Drivers can use all publicly available EB charge points around the country, by installing our app EB Go!

You have the option to register your details or to ‘charge as guest’.

February 2022 notice: Our network upgrade has completed.  Drivers are asked to download or update the EB Go! app from your chosen store.
If you have not used EB Go! before and wish to create a user account, you will need to register as a new user.

The app will allow you to see a ‘live status’ of charge points, whether they are available, unavailable (i.e. in use by another vehicle) or offline.

Some charge points allow you to use contactless payment cards.

Electricity prices and parking fees are at the discretion of the charge point owner (usually the local council).  Do be sure to check out their web pages for this information, before you park and charge.

New charge points are being installed nationwide each week; you may see them on your streets before you see them ‘live’ on search maps.

Having trouble charging? Call support on: 0330 111 0076 or


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