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Our Funding Models

We support all our clients with funding advice and offer four funding models for the installation of their bespoke EV infrastructure.

We build consultation and hands-on support into all our projects, ensuring you take full advantage of any available grants or third party funding available.

Self Funded

You meet the full cost of installation, operation and maintenance, entitling you to the benefit of all revenue generated from charger use.

Charging as a Service (CaaS)

The classic ‘as-a-service’ model, in which we meet the full upfront cost of installation and commissioning (with support from a funding partner) in return for a minimum term lease agreement and regular payments towards the cost of installation, operation and maintenance.

This zero capital option allows you to access the benefits of providing EV chargers for customers, employees or residents, without the financial investment normally associated with installation and management.

Match Funded

This popular agreement takes full advantage of government funding for public or workplace EV charging infrastructure, with the remaining installation costs shared between us, and an agreement to split ongoing costs and revenues appropriately. This approach eases the capital cost of on-street and public car park charging facilities for local authorities, and workplace charging for businesses.

Funded Installation and Operation

In this commercial relationship, we meet the cost of EV charger installation and operation in return for the revenue generated from charger use and a minimum term land lease. In some cases, we may pay a rental to landlords.

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