Announcing the completion of two more recent EVolve projects : Cardiff Council in partnership with Premier Cars, and East Herts Council.

Both councils wished to gain a deeper understanding of how their taxi community and fleets work, using current driving practices. By analysing routes driven, frequent stopping points, and levels of emissions, councils are able to better support a transition to electric fleets, with as little disruption to drivers as possible.

Local authorities and drivers alike understand the importance of participating in EVolve assessments, and the insight it can provide on possible savings – demonstrating both financial and environmental benefits. Twenty-five drivers with Premier Cars in Cardiff, and nineteen drivers in East Herts, took part in these EVolves, allowing both councils a thorough comprehension of the functionality of their taxi community.

You can see what both councils had to say about EVolve, and the opportunities it offers them, by reading the full case studies for Cardiff and East Herts.

Cardiff fleet statistics

*A preview of the dashboard for Cardiff EVolve – total estimated savings and number of feasible trips for all drivers who took part in the assessment.

Why does EVolve matter?

By analysing fleets’ current practices, we can provide tailored services and support to assist the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Data gathered during EVolve allows us to demonstrate the vehicle emissions that could be avoided if the analysed journeys were completed in an EV. This information is essential for meeting local air quality targets, plus boosting business’ green credentials. As well as direct vehicle comparisons, EVolve highlights recommended locations for suitable charging solutions to support an EV conversion – mapping hotspots around key locations, and regular routes as taken by drivers.

Thanks to the heat maps provided by our EVolve analysis, both councils have identified suitable locations to install possible EV chargers. Using data which highlights areas where drivers are frequently stopping, and for extended periods of time, means that chargers can be installed in locations which really serve the taxi community. Our charger motto is : right charger, right location. And this service helps us to ensure that future infrastructure provides maximum usage with minimal disruption to the drivers during their working day.

Supporting local authorities in air quality improvements

As our recent forum highlighted, common barriers to widespread EV uptake can often be influenced by actions and decisions made by local authorities. That means, in some part, the responsibility lies with them to enable greater accessibility to EV infrastructure and knowledge. Our EVolve fleet analysis allows us to assist local authorities directly with their EV strategy and provision of suitable infrastructure. EVolve assessments provide fantastic insight for, not only taxi fleets, but council vehicles too. Visibility, of EVs on the roads, and therefore feasibility of EVs as a reliable transport option, allows and encourages a wider audience to make the transition. We firmly believe that councils can be real changemakers, and set a green example for all fleets, businesses and constituents to follow. Are you ready to take up the challenge?

Date: 29/08/2019