Oxford welcomes its first two rapid charging points, exclusively for Oxford licensed Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles, with the Electric Blue charging network. The rapid chargers have been installed at Manzil Way Gardens, in Cowley, and are now live on our network! Don’t forget, you can find all of our chargers, with dynamic charging data, on ZapMap by using the network filter.

Electric Blue worked with Oxford Direct Services and ElectAssure for the installation, and we will continue to manage and maintain the charge points for the taxi community.

In order to prevent misuse of the charging bays, both points are equipped with Electric Blue’s iBay – an intelligent monitoring system – which ensures that the bays are only used by the appropriately registered charging vehicles.

Driving Change

This installation forms part of the OLEV-funded Go Ultra Low Oxford Taxi project, which is being delivered in partnership with Oxford City Council, with funding from Oxfordshire County Council. This project will see an expansion of taxi charging points across the city in the future months, helping to support the council’s aims of phasing out heavily-polluting vehicles, and driving the transition to a low-emissions taxi fleet.

We firmly believe that councils can be real changemakers, and set a greener example for all constituents to follow. Oxford City Council are already demonstrating their commitment to EVs, with 17 fully electric, plus 22 hybrid EVs among their own fleet. So, it is fantastic to see them taking their commitment further, and providing the infrastructure to support the taxi community in their transition to electric.

In providing practical and accessible charging infrastructure, with suitably located chargers, Oxford council are supporting the taxi community as well as demonstrating to the public that EVs will be a viable method of transportation within the city, whether for public or personal transport.

Why are electric vehicles so important?

Oxford City Council declared a climate emergency in January of this year, and has extensive plans to improve air quality in the city centre. Emissions are at dangerous levels, and although NO2 levels across Oxford have fallen over the last decade, they are still not meeting the legal limits. Let’s remember, health experts have recommended that there are no safe levels of NO2, so reducing this harmful pollutant is crucial for public health now, and for years to come.

Transport is, of course, a large contributor to the congested Oxford city’s emissions, accounting for 17% of total emissions. Of this, 16% is accounted for by on-road transport within the city boundaries.

With the proposed Zero Emissions Zone due to come into force in 2020, it is exciting to see how Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council are driving their plans ahead to create a more sustainable transport system. Air quality is expected to improve across the county, with these proposals accelerating the vision of a zero emissions future, benefiting everyone who lives, works or travels in the area.

Date: 23/10/2019