We are delighted to be a Finalist for the Green Award in the 2019 St Albans Chamber of Commerce Community Business Awards! It is an honour to be recognised as a green business, as we work to improve air quality and promote sustainable transport options within the district. Our goals are to drive forward strategies and solutions for low-emissions vehicles, thereby bringing greater benefits to local communities through the resulting clean air. We feel proud of our achievements in creating true value for the local members of St Albans district, and are looking forward to the awards evening on Thursday 10th October.

Community business awards finalist 2019

The Green Award is sponsored by local radio station – Radio Verulam, the Environment Matters show, who look at issues of sustainability and the environment from the local district.

I am involved in changes that I can be proud to share with my children.

Damien McGlue, Energy Portfolio Manager

The whole team at Electric Blue are driven by the desire to seek changes now, which impact positively on the environment, for years to come. Air pollution is one of the greatest threats to public health, and road transport is a prime contributor to those levels of harmful emissions. Our goal, by improving air quality through the transition to EVs, is to contribute to cleaner air and a healthier environment for all of our local communities.

We believe in appropriate solutions: right time, right place. We are passionate in ensuring that EV technology fits into current driving habits and practices, and results in as little disruption as possible. With the lack of appropriate infrastructure a key barrier to widespread uptake of EVs, it is vital for us to work directly with the people who matter – drivers. This work allows us to bring suitable and practical charging solutions to the streets where it is most needed.

As the criteria for the Green Business Award align so closely with our own values and vision, we strive to use this recognition to (solar-power) charge all of our future activities.

As Alex Calnan, Managing Director, shares, “I am excited that Electric Blue is being recognised for the positive contribution we are making towards improving air quality, and mitigating climate change.”

We are thrilled to be included in this year’s nominations, alongside many other local businesses which are all working to improve the district, and lessen their commercial impact. It is so important to identify “green” businesses and highlight their environmentally-friendly organisational practices; acknowledgement and appreciation only further encourages the growth of these principles within the business sector.

Electric Blue inspires solutions for change, and that inspires me.

David Gee, Business Development Manager

Date: 30/09/2019