Electric Blue are delighted to announce the launch of another EVolve project, this time in partnership with Oldham Council. The purpose of the project is to fully understand both the practical and financial impact of introducing electric taxis into the local area. Poor air quality affects us all, and is especially a major health concern in busy town centres – that’s why our partnership with Oldham Council is so important, they are now one step closer towards cleaner air for all residents.

Oldham Council, along with Startax, GMX Taxis and individual taxi operators were committed to take part in the assessment as they understand the important role they play in the process of improving air quality.

John Garforth from Oldham Council’s taxi licensing department said:

“Oldham Council is pleased to work with Electric Blue in order to understand our licensed fleet better and consider future plans in terms of electric vehicles. The data captured will be invaluable in helping to consider our options going forward and we are happy that many drivers engaged in the data gathering exercise.”

With some taxi drivers already using electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrids, Electric Blue is delighted to find ambassadors for the EV market enthusiastically spreading the word! For some customers, it is their first time experiencing the smooth, quiet efficiency of electric power, and taxi drivers are finding that they spend a significant proportion of their time discussing the merits of ultra-low emissions vehicles!

Electric Blue’s David Gee says,

“Electric Blue are proud to work in partnership with Oldham Council on their EVolve project. The information collated will assist in finding the best locations for the new rapid electric vehicle charging points that will be supplied by TfGM in 2019. We would like to thank Startax, GMX and the individual owner drivers who helped make this happen.”

Stay tuned to find out what Oldham discovered thanks to the EVolve analysis. If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch today, and one of our expert team will be happy to discuss your journey to electric.

Date: 06/12/2018