A major argument against the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) is that of non-renewable energy. Sure, people dispute, EVs might not emit any harmful toxins, but what about the electricity supply? What about how the chargers are powered?

We hear you. We had the very same concerns.

That’s why, when starting the journey of Electric Blue, our CEO Alex Calnan, made it very clear where his priorities lay, “For me, simply removing the emissions from our streets wasn’t enough. Shifting the emissions further up the supply chain just wasn’t a factor that I was willing to consider. If the vehicles are going to be less harmful for the environment, then so too should the electricity that powers them.”

That’s why we are extremely proud to work alongside our various partners, who allow us to power all of our Electric Blue chargers with 100% renewable energy.

“100%?!” I hear you cry. Yes, 100%, past, present, and future chargers, where Electric Blue provide the energy, are powered by planet-friendly renewable sources. Which means, every mile you drive powered by an Electric Blue charger is truly zero emission.

Date: 18/12/2018