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Understanding solar storage

A solar PV system allows you to convert the sun’s power into electricity to supply all or some of your needs. But unless you can store or use that power when it’s generated, it has to be exported to the grid.

When the solar system is installed with battery storage it stores the unused self-generated electricity for use later, reducing the need to import power from the national grid. The greater the self-generated consumption, the greater the savings.

The electricity generated from the solar PV system is also 100% renewable, which significantly reduces the impact on the environment.

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When is solar storage appropriate?

Solar storage is an appropriate renewable energy solution for most situations with an open area to harness solar power. Whether it’s a domestic property, a manufacturing plant, a car park or a sports stadium, we can design the right system for you.
Not only can we design and install a bespoke solution for you, we can also help you to find the best funding option. For Social Landlords this could mean a 100% funded project, which means you could install a solar storage system in all your housing stock for no capital outlay.
We can also help you with other solar storage applications such as solar canopies, EV charging infrastructure, and vehicle to grid (V2G) requirements.