The Scottish Government have an ambition to phase out sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032. Whilst some may claim that is too challenging, the city of Dundee are proving that widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is entirely plausible.

Late 2018 saw Dundee City Council pick up an E-visionary award, from the World Electric Vehicle Association at their annual gathering in Kobe, Japan. Dundee were presented with this award thanks to their ‘pioneering initiatives’ in driving use of EVs in their city. As one of four Scottish local authorities who are committed to introducing a low-emission zone (LEZ) before 2020, Dundee are currently in the research phase, to confirm how a LEZ can improve air pollution conditions for residents and visitors alike.

With close to 40 per cent of cars and vans being electric, Dundee claims title to the largest public sector fleet of clean vehicles in the UK. Plus, 15 per cent of their taxis, over 100 vehicles, are also electric. Charging is not an issue for this number of EVs, with three EV charging hubs in place, and a fourth under construction. And just to really show off, the charging hubs are solar-powered, with energy storage – the UK’s first!

So whilst Dundee City Council are clearly aware of the benefits of EV technology, and the impact they have on the quality of air, particularly within busy urban centres, we thought it only right to share their knowledge and insight with you. Cllr Lynne Short joined us, as a key speaker, at our Newcastle forum on Wednesday 23rd January. This provided a fantastic opportunity to hear from a local authority who experienced the widespread uptake of EVs in their constituency, and are continuing to spearhead the transition to electric transport options.

Cllr Lynne Short presenting at Driving uptake of EVs Forum Jan 23rd

Dundee are not only storming the lead with Scotland’s EV plans, but showing the rest of the UK that EVs are feasible, practical solutions to the air pollution problems we are facing today. Hopefully, the global recognition they are receiving will have a greater impact on the whole country, and we will begin to see their actions replicated by local authorities across the UK.

Stay tuned for the full lowdown of what happened at our forum – we’ll be bringing you the key discussion points, questions raised, and next steps in the transition to EVs.

Date: 24/01/2019