Our work; our passion; what drives us; it’s not only the improvement in air quality but the satisfaction of drivers. We wouldn’t be happy with ourselves if we were promoting a solution that wasn’t truly enjoyable, or practical, for the end user: you, the EV driver.

The ethos of Electric Blue is to bring practical solutions to real-world problems, without causing disruption to everyday functioning. After all, the livelihoods of our taxi community depends on the suitability and availability of EVs and their chargers. That’s why it is incredibly important for us to know that the infrastructure we put in place is functional and accessible for those who need it.

From newly converted EV taxi drivers…

“I switched to a Nissan Leaf last year. No regrets whatsoever. EVs are the future; they are smooth, quiet and most importantly, zero emissions. [Electric Blue’s] chargers always work, they are easy to use and Electric Blue provide an excellent back-up service on the rare occasion should a problem arise.”

Andrew Petrie – licensed Cambridge taxi driver

Charging at AdamEve carpark

Charging at our charger in Adam and Eve car park, Cambridge.

We work with local authorities to provide information and awareness with the local tai drivers. Many drivers are sceptical when it comes to EV technology. Just how can an EV work for my needs? Will the charge be enough to power a full day of driving? Will an EV be suitable for my paying passengers? Where can I charge that is close to my regular route? Our step-by-step process aims to quiet any concerns, and demonstrate the feasibility of EVs for working and driving needs.

To the long-term EV champion…

“I’ve been driving an EV in [the] Cambridge area for nearly 3 years and am sold on the technology. [I’m] just waiting on the new arrivals so I can achieve more mileage per charge with the proposed 60[kWh] batteries. Customers do like the quietness of the car and they are smooth running without the gear changes.”

John Proctor – self employed, but linked with the largest taxi company in Cambridge (Panther taxis)

Whilst we praise EVs at every possible opportunity, we know that it’s people and drivers like those above that make the real difference when demonstrating the benefits of EVs. If you are a taxi driver, and would like to know more about how an EV could work for you, get in touch with our team today.

How you can get involved:

Keep an eye on our Ethex bond offer (which closed on June 30th 2019) as the movement to brings more charging infrastructure to the streets of Cambridge. Can you choose to use an EV-taxi or a delivery company that uses only emission-free vehicles in its fleet? Electric taxi numbers are growing, with 26 now offering emission-free journeys to Cambridge residents. Let’s work together to provide greater charging infrastructure for our taxi community!

Keep your eyes on our upcoming News, as we explore further how EVs have made a difference to taxi drivers. And, just so you know we really practice what we preach, we’ll also be talking to Electric Blue staff about their own EV driving experiences. Look out for more stories #WhileYouCharge as we take you with us on the EV journey.


As of 30th June 2019 our Ethex bond offer is closed. Thank you for all of the support from local community and investors who raised over £480,000 for the Cambridge charger network. We will be publishing a full report on our project work in Cambridge, including the community investment offer and the development of the charger network, so stay tuned for updates to come in the not-too-distant future.

Date: 04/06/2019