Why so many chargers in comparison to a small number of EVs?

The Electric Blue electric vehicle (EV) charger network in Cambridge will comprise 18 rapid chargers and 3 fast chargers. That’s enough to charge 42 EVs simultaneously.

There are a total of 480 hackney, plus 327 private hire, licensed taxis in Cambridge. Out of these, only twenty are electric taxis, which are currently cruising Cambridge’s streets (silently, we might add). So some might be asking, why do we need so many chargers for so few EVs?

Well, we know that one of the biggest obstacles for drivers converting to an EV is the lack of suitable charging infrastructure. This is especially true of taxi drivers (to whom the network is targeted) who understandably are unwilling, and unable, to lose precious working time trying to track down an EV charger. By installing the crucial, initial elements of the required charging infrastructure, these first EV drivers are supported in their charging needs. Now, by growing the charging network in line with the increasing EV demand, we are ensuring that Cambridge is a welcoming, and empowering, destination for future EV drivers.

As our Operations Director, Mark Calnan, put it,

“When Henry Ford designed the first Ford Model T, was the argument that one had to wait until there was a certain number of cars on the road BEFORE any gas stations would be provided?”

Cambridge EB car park chargers

We can clearly see that by installing suitable charging infrastructure, people are more encouraged to make the switch. Take the fantastic example of Dundee City Council’s commitment to driving EV uptake. You can read more about that here, but we’ll highlight the fact that Dundee has three charging hubs, in addition to several rapid and fast chargers around the city. They now boast the largest public fleet of EVs in the UK. Coincidence?

This is precisely what we hope to see in Cambridge – that with the provision of sufficient, suitably located EV chargers, the “where to charge?” barrier is removed, and drivers feel confident to make the switch. Remember, you can help us to put this into action, and support the drive for cleaner air within the Cambridge community. Visit ethex.org.uk/ElectricBlue, for more information on how you can invest in the Cambridge charger network. This Bond offer is now extended until the 30th June 2019 – so don’t miss out on your opportunity to get involved!

With the latest figures showing that the UK total car sales fell by 7% in 2018, but EV sales rising by 7%, the prediction (and Electric Blue’s hope) is that 2019 will see a significant surge in demand for EVs. So, how many chargers is too many?


As of 30th June 2019 our Ethex bond offer is closed. Thank you for all of the support from local community and investors who raised over £480,000 for the Cambridge charger network. We will be publishing a full report on our project work in Cambridge, including the community investment offer and the development of the charger network, so stay tuned for updates to come in the not-too-distant future.

Date: 21/05/2019