We are absolutely over the blue moon to have been awarded the Green Business Award at last night’s St Albans Chamber of Commerce Community Business Awards. We feel incredibly proud of this achievement, as it reflects all of the hard work our team have put into bringing our electric vehicle visions to the streets of local communities.

Our drive to improve local communities and their quality of life, by working to mitigate the destructive forces of climate change, were mentioned by the judges, as well as the many obstacles we have overcome along our journey to electrifying the transport industry.

On behalf of the whole Electric Blue team, we are extremely grateful for this recognition of all of our hard work to power positive change. All of our achievements are a real team effort, and we’d like to extend our thanks to the judges and, of course, St Albans Chamber of Commerce for this award

Alex Calnan – Managing Director

Making a positive contribution

What started out as one man’s vision has expanded rapidly into a powerful movement towards more accessible electric vehicle (EV) solutions, and wider EV uptake across many local communities. Our passion is driven by the communities which our projects benefit – bringing cleaner air to those in urban spaces, and quieter streets for those who are driving them. Taxi drivers, local authorities, fleet owners, car park operators, plus the support of the general public – are all contributing to a healthier future, and committing to drive the changes needed for a sustainable transport future. All of our latest projects can be found on our News page, where you can also meet some of the communities and drivers that our work is impacting directly.

As the criteria for the Green Business Award align so closely with our own values and vision, we strive to use this recognition to (solar-power) charge all of our future activities. We are incredibly excited that Electric Blue is being recognised for the positive contribution we are making towards improving air quality, and mitigating climate change. We’d like to thank all of our supporters, clients and friends in our journey – your commitment to climate action is what drives our passion for supporting and implementing practical EV solutions, and bringing clean air to all communities.

Championing Green Businesses

We were honoured to have been nominated amongst a fantastic line-up of other local businesses, who are all working hard towards creating greener business practices, and providing more sustainable options for their respective clients. The other nominees come from a completely diverse range of industries, showing how green business principles can be put into practice, no matter the field. In our eyes, all businesses with a green ethos at heart are true champions, and we hope we continue to see the drive forward to creating a green business community!

Do visit their websites and social pages to explore some of the fantastic work they are doing in their fields, and check out all of the environmentally beneficial products and services they are providing!

Earthworks a wonderful local charity offering social and horticultural therapy to people with learning disabilities.

Mama Bamboo environmentally-friendly and child-safe childcare products.

The Blue Speck reduce your environmental impact when party-planning with their plastic-free dinnerware.

The Refill Pantry a fantastic local shop to stock up on all of your zero waste pantry essentials.

Driving change

Striving for clean air is at the very heart of all of our business operations. Whilst the EV industry is far from perfect, we truly believe that change has to start somewhere. We are eagerly anticipating further developments in the EV industry, creating more positive advances and lessening impact on the environment, whilst we continue to develop our own innovations in this field.

Air quality is an issue which affects us all, and we hold firm in our beliefs that everyone should feel the benefits of cleaner air, across the country, and in all manner of driving experiences. Transport is a key contributor to the current dangerous levels of carbon emissions, but, as an industry which serves us all, it is only right that we continue to aim for improvements which will lead us to a zero emissions future, and healthier driving practices.

Date: 11/10/2019